Depok, 13 December – Tonsea Charity Golf 2nd series Tournament 2018 was organized at Emeralda Golf Club on Thursday 13 of December 2018. Participants were 140 Golfers. The same Tournament for the first time last year was also organized at Emeralda Golf Club.

This year 2018, “The Association of Ne Tonsea” (PNT) raised the Theme “ Culture to Unite” which can applied through the performance of Music Tool Traditional Minahasa, Kolintang (tool made of wood) as well as Traditional Dance.

Winner of the Best Gross Overall obtained the consecutive Trophy of The Governor of South Sulawesi, and winner of the Best Nett Overall obtained the Consecutive Trophy of The Head of Association of Ne Tonsea (PNT). Different categories struggle to obtain were : Flight A (winner 1,2,3), Flight B (winner 1,2,3) Flight C (winner 1,2,3) and Ladies Flight (winner 1,2,3).
We expect, through this kind of Golf Sport activities Tournament combined with the Traditional Culture could be able to unite each other. This Tournament could also be as a basis of Charity where the Fund obtained will be donated to the victim of Natural Disaster in Palu and Donggala.

PT Karabha Digdaya truly much appreciated to PNT due to their attractive and unique program. Future expectation, there will be some Tournaments which are not focus only to Golf Sport but, also to collaborate with Culture and Charity as well. Therefore the Golf world will be colorful and attractive, specially to attract the youngsters Golf mania who are interested in new thing.